Technical Consultancy | Case Study

Integritec offers experienced information technology consulting services, specialising in advising how organisations can use IT to revolutionise efficiency in meeting their goals. We not only provide advice, but also manage projects, implement solutions and offer ongoing administration and support for IT systems.

An international distance-learning organisation came to us wanting an entire IT architecture to integrate new systems, existing systems and bespoke software; they needed to manage student enrolment, handle intelligent class allocation and enable detailed student performance tracking.
We assisted with tenders, implemented off-the-shelf systems, wrote custom software including artificial intelligence routines to manage class allocation based on a variety of factors, and integrated these with their existing setup. We're pleased to have continued working closely with this education client across two further long-term phases of work, seeing our work with them benefit their organisation year on year.

Software Development

Much of our work is based around implementing bespoke solutions for our clients' specific needs. With skill sets ranging from software design, development, database implementation, user interface, data manipulation and web application solutions in a variety of languages and platforms, we're confident that we can provide a solution for your business which is tailored to your needs where off-the-shelf programs fail to deliver.

Contact us to talk about working together to advance your business.

CMS Websites

We develop content-managed websites for a wide variety of organisations, from web consultancy through to design and development, including training and ongoing support.

From simple web pages to promote your business, to complex websites which integrate with your existing systems and data, we can provide accurate quotes and tightly-managed projects to bring in your next site on time, on budget and with the minimum of fuss.

For an up-to-date portfolio or to discuss a quote, contact us.

Testimonial - Community Money Advice

Integritec have been working for CMA for the last three years, developing, and providing both technical and user support, for our bespoke debt advice casework software. We are extremely happy with the work they undertake for us. They work to schedule, to budget, their costings are highly competitive, and service response is fast. The basics, yes, but no customer ever wants to be without these.

But we have found the real strength of Integritec lies in their empathy with the end user. Any non-IT professional who has ever specced a software requirement for techies will be familiar with the potential for mis-communication to occur: the operations or finance department endeavouring to define their need cannot always articulate it in a way that makes sense to the developer, and the developer may not fully understand the user need to be able to create exactly the right functionality. The result: beta versions that don't quite fit the bill. Integritec circumvent this potential problem by ensuring that they understand the user need as fully as they understand the technical solution. Mis-communication over development is therefore minimised, and tools such as a user guide are articulated in plain language that an IT inexperienced user can understand. In addition, the Integritec team apply their own knowledge and creativity to developing the software. Solutions that might not have occurred to CMA are forthcoming and result in a superior product. All this is of great value to CMA, and when Integritec are also able to provide fast response support for both user and technical solutions, at a very competitive rate, it is hard to think of anything lacking. I'll finish by adding that working with the Integritec team is a pleasure: they are always available, always polite and professional, always ready to help.

From all this you will readily understand why CMA are so pleased to have Integritec working for us.


Papyrus | A flexible way to timesheet

Our timesheeting system, Papyrus, allows easy and accurate time recording for your staff, plus detailed reporting for invoicing and tracking over- or under-spend on fixed-cost or per-hour billed projects. Contact us for a demonstration or for information on pricing.

Case Study - PMC Treasury, Papyrus users

"PMC is new to time reporting but we have found Integritec's Papyrus system user friendly and its data valuable. The Integritec team has been similarly 'user friendly' and they are creative and responsive when we ask them for changes to reflect the idiosyncrasies of PMC's business."

OEE | operational effectiveness

Originally developed for a major engineering firm to track operational effectiveness based on large datasets and multiple production lines, our bespoke system is available for sale in similar use-cases. For more information contact us.


Our ethos

Our company ethos is summarised in the name Integritec. We provide technological solutions to the business world, and we do it with the utmost integrity. We believe that you should be able to rely on what we say, and that you should get a straight answer to any question you ask. We communicate clearly with our clients at every stage of a project, providing an honest appraisal of progress and a well-defined roadmap going forward.

The decision to work like this is based on our belief that it is fundamentally the right way to do business, and we adhere to these principles irrespective of whether it is in our financial interest to do so.

Ethical trading

Wherever possible, we source our products and services from ethical providers, from our electricity supplier to the coffee that keeps us going.

Our pricing

Our pricing is tailored to each project, taking into account the client's exact needs and requirements. If we believe that another company can provide a better solution, or that another product will do the job for less, we will tell you so. In quoting for work we aim to honestly reflect the necessary work required and the high quality of our product. Our clients value our clear communication and accountability.

Our time is recorded accurately to the quarter-hour, meaning that you only pay for the time we're working on your project. Full timesheets can be provided, enabling you to see for yourself where our time has been allocated. This layer of transparency has proved valuable in delivering honest pricing.

Charity rates

We offer significantly discounted rates to registered charities, at our discretion. Do contact us to discuss details.

About us

Integritec (UK) Limited was founded in 2004 by two Oxford University graduates, James Lawton and Al McNicoll. Working with clients in the UK and the Channel Islands, Integritec has provided software solutions in the finance, academic, manufacturing, medical technology and charity sectors.

Our focus is on providing high quality bespoke solutions based on specific knowledge of our clients' businesses. Our customers appreciate our flexible and individual approach.

Working alongside James and Al are developers Chris Fulton and Joshua Mason, and our office administrator Mike Horswell.